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Like most people reading this, I love football, and more importantly, I love Sheffield Wednesday. I enjoy listening to and watching interviews with people currently at the club or people who have been previously, and this got me thinking. Could what former managers and players be applied to the club still to this day, even though time has moved on?

This piece is something slightly different from me, it’s a collection of quotes from former manager Gary Megson in the main, with a couple from former player Chris Sedgwick thrown in for good measure. I will follow this piece up with my thoughts in the near future, but wondered what readers felt in regards to what is said.

Gary Megson on players signing for Wednesday…

When you sign for Wednesday…not ’cause the ground’s great, not ’cause the training ground’s great ’cause it aint, not’cause it’s in a great position’cause it wasn’t. You sign there because of the support

Gary Megson on signing the likes of Rob Jones and Danny Batth…

They did a sterling job because of the people that they were.

Gary Megson on his approach …

There’s two things that the opposition can’t stop you doing – running and talking – so we’re going to get good at those.

Gary Megson on the players running in Grenoside Woods…

We did it for that character, for that bonding, to get them together.

Gary Megson on the type of players he needed at Sheffield Wednesday…

I needed ’em who could handle Wednesday, but not handle Wednesday, handle Wednesday not doing very well.

I needed players who were honest, who had a right good go. They might not be the most talented but we needed to get that there.

Gary Megson on the pressure to succeed at Wednesday…

There was none of this we want them up in two years, (it was) we want them up yesterday.

Gary Megson on when he joined and the task ahead…

We’re six points above bottom and we’ve got people driving around in a soft top Bentley in the car park. It just needed completely sorting out, to the point where you have to start again. It’s very difficult doing that as a manager because people have got contracts.

Ones you want out might be stuck there for two years. So, it was important to draw a line in the sand and say this is where we’re going, this is how we’re doing it.

Gary Megson on tactics…

If you get method in front of results, you’re going to struggle.

I made us big, I made us committed. I made us play at such a high tempo. I used to put five things on the board, one of which was start high tempo.

I’d make us aggressive, set pieces no goals going in against us but we score from them.

If you go out there and start tippy tappying it about, the crowd will go flat, so you lose an advantage. And, if you’re playing a team that’s coming to Hillsboro’ and dropping off, it makes life even more difficult.

If you start at a really high tempo, and really tear into the opposition, it takes a good team to keep you out.

Gary Megson on players at the club…

We had players who, they gave me the impression they were doing Wednesday a favour, rather than the other way round.

Chris Sedgwick on signing for Wednesday…

Less money, less years to sign for Wednesday.

Chris Sedgwick on players at the club…

Lots of lads wrong side of 30 maybe.

Didn’t have enough legs.

Weren’t that hunger there.

Lots of egos at the same time.

I personally feel that some of the quotes are very thought provoking in the sense that you can in some ways see how they make sense still to this day and in our current situation. While the years may have passed, some things have possibly stayed they same or reverted back after a short period of change.

If you have any thoughts on these quotes, feel free to share them. Thanks for reading!

As a point of reference, the Gary Megson quotes were taken from his appearances on Alan Biggs’ Sheffield Live TV show. You can watch the reruns on YouTube – First appearance: Part 1 Part 2 – Second appearance: Part 1 Part 2.

The quotes from Chris Sedgwick were taken from the brilliant Undr The Cosh podcast, which I will be writing a review of shortly. The episode featuring Chris is available to listen to here.

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