A Proper Football Podcast Full Of Belly Laughs

This is another article I’ve been meaning to write for a good while but just never found the time to do so. As previous readers of my articles can probably tell, football is a big passion of mine, and I’ve finally found a football podcast that has it all.

Undr The Cosh, which features two Chris Browns and Jon Parkin, is a football podcast like no other. I feel football has been watered down somewhat as time has progressed, with the media side of things strictly controlled. However, with Undr The Cosh, it’s a throwback to the good old days in a way, and what a breath of fresh air it is.

The trio of Chris Brown (award winning writer and comedian), Chris Brown (ex professional footballer) and Jon Parkin (current professional footballer) work really well together, with them all understanding each other’s sense of humour for example. There are no prima donnas where Undr The Cosh is concerned, although there’ve been a few Prima Donners over the years, in what is a working class take on football.

Undr The Cosh, more often than not, features guests from the world of football, who all have interesting and funny stories to tell. Andy Griffin, Billy Paynter, Dominic Matteo, Tony Warner, Chris Sedgwick, Liam Lawrence, Mick Rathbone, Sam Wedgbury, Darren Sheridan, Nicky Weaver, Mark Crossley, Jamie Hoyland, Chris Morgan, Michael Brown, Brett Omerod, Dean Windass, David Dunn, Bruce Grobbelarr and Jason Price have all made appearances so far, with more to come in the current series.

The no bullshit and hilariously blunt approach is what makes Undr The Cosh so enjoyable, with many of the stories providing genuine belly laughs, even if it’s the second or third time you’ve listened to the episode. Opinions on former teammates and managers, amongst others, also offer a great and at times a humerous insight into well known figures in football past and present.

As a Sheffield Wednesday fan, Undr The Cosh has been an especially great listen so far, with former Wednesday players such as Chris Sedjwick and Mark Crossley appearing on the show, as well as former player turned Owls goalkeeper coach Nicky Weaver. There are some hilarious stories from behind the scenes at Wednesday, especially from Chris Sedjwick, with former manager Gary Megson getting a few mentions too.

The episode with Chris Sedjwick is my personal favourite so far and one that I could repeatedly listen to and still laugh along with time and time again. “Let me go, Rusty Nuts” has me in stitches just thinking about it, but every episode has been superb with no installment ever making me switch off before the end.

I’d recommend every football fan who loves proper football and proper football people to give Undr The Cosh a listen, and they’re now releasing the filmed versions of the show onto their YouTube channel, which really takes things to another level as you can see the facial expressions the lads are making, as well as getting to view the often “unedited” version.

As a sufferer of mental health issues such as low mood and anxiety, I also found the Dean Windass episode touching as he spoke about his personal struggles over the years. While Undr The Cosh is full of laughing and joking, there’s also a few serious subjects discussed in a unique way that really makes you pay attention. I’m also aware the lads have done shows for Mind charity too, which again shows you Browny, Chris and Parky are genuine blokes.

Keep up the great work!

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