Something To Shout About

While you could say that Wednesday fans have had a lot to shout about in a negative fashion over recent times, with the club and the team underperforming for one reason or another, there is something to shout about in a positive sense, and that of course is the fans.

The fans are the lifeblood of a football club, with Wednesday supporters turning up in numbers both home and away, through the good times and the bad, to support the lads. However, it’s one section of the fan base I’d like to discuss in particular, one which has been the cause of many heart warming moments over the last year or so.

What I’ve noticed from a personal point of view is that more and more Wednesday supporters are doing things off their own bat to help local charities and those who may be going through a tough time in life. It’s become a regular occurance to see fundraising going on, projects, charity games and much more, and it’s fantastic to see.

What’s also great is that Wednesday fans are backing multiple fundraisers and campaigns with their hard earned cash, often pulling together to enable the various projects to be successful in what they’re attempting to achieve. A lot gets said about a fan base being a sort of family, but I genuinely think at times it is, and it should be.

I personally feel that a football club is and should always be a big part of the community, with the club, players, staff and fans all working in unison for the greater good. So, it’s been fantastic to see the players really getting behind fundraising and charity projects lately by donating shirts, boots and cash.

I think the Sheffield Star, who often get stick from supporters, must be championed for the work they’ve done in publicising the good things that supporters in the area do. They’re always ready to report on fundraising and projects to give them some great publicity, as are other local journalists via their social media feeds, television and radio.

We’re all, and me included, hoping that Steve Bruce and his staff can get Wednesday going again next season on the pitch, with improvements also hopefully to come off of it too. I think it will also be an even better year where supporters are concerned too, with more and more eager to get involved in doing great things.

If we do manage to get things right on the pitch, there could be even more things to shout and be proud about as time goes on.

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