Full Control

One of the most important things that need to happen this summer, in my opinion, is that Steve Bruce and his staff are given full control when it comes to recruitment, as well as other things. I and others have been persistent in banging the recruitment drum, but I’m cautiously optimistic that this summer will be different from the last three.

Wednesday brought in both David Downes and Dean Hughes to work on recruitment, with the former acting as head of recruitment and the latter as a recruitment analyst. Steve Bruce has also suggested more additions to the recruitment team are to come, so the signs are certainly very positive.

It’s likely that the recruitment team will have a big job on their hands this summer, with work already well underway. Achraf Lazaar’s recent comments suggest he’s likely to make his a switch here more permanent over the summer, which will please many Wednesday fans.

There’s also several players out of contract this summer, and you’d imagine the bulk of them will be leaving, with replacements required. There are also other loan players at the club alongside Lazaar who we’d potentially look to retain if possible, with Michael Hector and Rolando Aarons high on the wishlist of many a fan.

One potential stumbling block, and it’s a pretty big one, is that the EFL could sanction the club for breaching FFP/P&S. There’s been talk of fines and embargos, but I like many others hope that we can somehow evade the more severe forms of punishment, which will then allow us to get to work in righting the recruitment wrongs of the past.

Steve Bruce demanded there to be no interference on the recruitment side before agreeing to take on the job, and this is vital for me. Steve and his staff have a wealth of experience between them in the trading of players, and therefore they should be allowed to do the job their way.

Let’s face it, Steve Bruce himself will attract players because of his achievements within the game as both a player and a manager. He’s well known for getting teams promoted too, and this will be something players will take into consideration if approached by us.

Having a few voices on the recruitment side is also a huge positive. As people reading this will know, I had a massive problem with how recruitment was being handled at the club, especially as recruitment plays an enormous role in football these days. My main gripe was that Amadeu Paixao was the sole voice. So, I’m delighted to see the chairman has embraced change in this area.

I don’t think it will be an easy summer in terms of ins and outs, and we’ll probably have to do a bit of wheeling and dealing, but his doesn’t mean it can’t be a successful period for us. Let’s hope we buck the trend of doing business late, with the bulk of the work being done as early as possible, so we can press ahead with preparations for the 19/20 campaign.

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