Transfer Window Watch

For most football fans, the summer transfer window and the rumours that come with it spells the start to a fascinating period of the footballing calendar. Some would probably say they find transfers the most enjoyable part of football, especially when their club is doing a lot of business, or rumoured to be.

At Wednesday, this summer already feels slightly different to the last few. Last summer the club was of course under a soft transfer embargo which derailed some of the plans in place and to prevent this reoccurring the chairman has reportedly bought the stadium from the club to assist with P&S issues.

So, we’re in a way entering a summer slightly similar to that of 2015, with the club looking to rebuild and move forward. Players have left, with more likely to be heading for the exit, and this undoubtedly means that we require recruits as a result.

Along with Steve Bruce being our manager, the spending power of the club when it comes to wages and transfer fees, and the Sheffield Wednesday name leads to one thing, rumours aplenty. Now, I can see the excitement that comes with transfer rumours, but I look at things from a slightly different angle.

One of the first things to remember is that most rumours are exactly that, rumours. A lot are started by agents who are looking to get their players a move from their current club, or a new contract. Agents make more money moving footballers from club to club, and they often use journalists to get “fake news” out about their client.

Inevitably this leads to a lot of garbage being tweeted, mentioned by journalists, and seen on Sky Sports News. It’s usually well-received because the summer transfer window generally creates almost desperation for news. There’s no longer the desire for accurate reports; it’s as if any story will do, which also leads to many questionable Twitter accounts arising during the summer months too.

When players do get linked, and then they don’t end up coming through the door, it does leave people disappointed. Which, in turn, sees fans often accuse the club of “missing out” or suggesting they didn’t try hard enough.

I haven’t come across a cast-iron source where Wednesday transfers are concerned for a while, so I would suggest that anyone who sees us linked to this player or that player, by whichever source, applies a bit of logic and common sense before taking it as gospel.

It’s always worth considering whether we need the player in the first place, or whether we would have to lose one in that area to bring him in. There are also other things to consider – wages, fee, location and the player’s circumstances at his current club.

What you often see in the summer are players linked with 3 or 4 clubs, which to me says that their agent or current club are trying to generate interest to raise the fee they could go for, the wages they could get etc. Again, it’s a case of needing to take everything with a pinch of salt.

I’m one of those people who find the summer transfer window annoying and frustrating in most cases. I’ve never been a fan of fake news and took to putting out accurate info to go against all the rubbish I was seeing spread across social media about transfers.

I’m confident that Wednesday can get the business done that Steve would like this summer, but where transfer news is concerned, it’s probably wise to wait for something cast iron, rather than run with every rumour that appears.


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