Shooting Ourselves In The Foot

While many things in football aren’t guarnateed, one thing that certainly appears to be at Sheffield Wednesday is our habit of appearing to shoot ourselves in the foot. After it was suggested by an article in The Sun that Wednesday are operating under a soft transfer embargo last night, Star journalist Dom Howson appears to have confirmed that this is the case.

I don’t write much about Wednesday anymore, only when I feel the need to, but situations like this rile me up as a supporter. Now, some fans will be annoyed and concerned at rumours of a soft embargo, and some will be have the same feelings when it comes to the accounts being overdue, but there will be many out there who genuinely couldn’t care less. I respect everyone’s opinions but wanted to put mine out there.

The situation with the accounts is a concern for me because no matter how many ways you dress it up, there’s a distinct lack of transparency between club and fan base. Now, I’m not for one second insisting that supporters should have a running commentary on everything that happens at the club, but by being a bit more transparent, maybe more trust could be generated.

I’ve put the question about the accounts to the club multiple times and you always get responses which suggest there’s nothing to worry about, but the longer this situation goes on, the more people will inevitably worry. While some may cast these concerns aside, the reality to me is that they’re being held back for a reason.

There have been suggestions that the chairman has bought Hillsborough Stadium from Sheffield Wednesday to try and satisfy P&S concerns, but if true, why haven’t the accounts still not been released. How I see it is that the club know what’s in the accounts, I believe the EFL do too, so is it just the fans who can’t have access right now?

You must remember that this has occured during season ticket sale windows ahead of the 19/20 campaign. Obviously, this is my inner cynic rising to the surface, but we’ve been here before when it comes to what in my opinion seems to be people playing at business, playing at running a football club.

So, rumours broke in The Sun suggesting we were operating under another soft embargo, a situation we were in this time last year. I again asked the club for answers and was told they weren’t commenting on the situation as it’s asked about a lot. Well, surely if the club provided some clarity and desisted with this cloak and dagger shite, the question wouldn’t be repeatedly asked.

I recall Steve Bruce saying we aren’t operating under a transfer embargo, so wa she right then and we aren’t now? Or, has the situation changed since then? We seemed to get on the right track following Jos Luhukay’s departure last season, with the club moving in the right direction, and this has rightfully led to optimism ahead of the new campaign.

A football club very much lives and dies by recruitment, and I was ecstatic to see Steve Bruce had been given the opportunity to build his own recruitment team. Rumours suggest Julian Borner and Moses Odubajo are waiting in the wings to sign on frees, with other players linked, but an embargo of course prevents players from being registered.

I totally understand there will always be bumps in the road when it comes to football and that Sheffield Wednesday are having to correct mistakes of their own doing too, but I feel Steve Bruce can bring the good times back, but can he do so with one arm tied behind his back?

As a supporter, I’d champion the club being more open, honest and transparent on matters such as the accounts and transfer embargos. This would kill any theories developed due to their silence dead in an instant. Now, they can’t and won’t speak on everything, but keeping fans in the loop, no matter how vague, would be mutually beneficial in my opinion.

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