The Silence Is Over

It’s been a relatively long time coming, but Sheffield Wednesday have finally appointed a permanent manager to replace Steve Bruce who jumped ship in pre season. Multiple names were linked to the job, but it’s Garry Monk who the chairman has opted for, in what I feel is a solid appointment.

I wasn’t ITK on the situation, but other potential candidates moved up the betting due to speculation in the press and on social media, but Monk seemed to come from nowhere and was odds on for the job within hours. A clear indicator that there was likely to be something in it.

When a new manager is to be appointed, everyone will have their thoughts on who we should go for, and in many cases, why. Garry Monk won’t have been everyone’s first pick, and maybe not even their second pick, but that’s the beauty of football, we all have our opinions.

In the end, it’s the opinion of one man which matters, and that’s the chairman. I have no doubt that the club will have had a fair few CVs sent through when the position became vacant, and I also do not doubt that the chairman spoke to the likes of Tony Pulis. I think it’s worth bearing in mind that while we can look at someone’s CV and achievements, they need to be the right person too.

It’s the chairman who has had the opportunity to talk to potential managers, to sit down with them and get a feel for what they’re about in terms of personality, enthusiasm and ambition. He’s taken his time with this appointment, and it will no doubt have given him several sleepless nights, especially with results and performances sliding of late, but he’s made his choice, and I think we must back him. Is there any other option?

So, onto Garry Monk. At 40 years old we’re getting an experienced Championship manager, something I feel was vital when selecting who would take on the role full time. There are other advantages which come with Monk being young in the management game, with one being that he only retired as a player in 2014, so he will know how modern players work and what makes them tick.

Monk has spoken about mentality, and this is a big thing at Wednesday, so I’m eager to see how he goes about improving the mindset of individuals as well as the team, and even the club in many respects. Getting everyone in the right frame of mind will be incredibly beneficial and can play a crucial role in moving everything forward.

I spoke about Monk having experience in the Championship, but what he also has is the experience of managing big and traditional clubs too. Leeds United no doubt fit that description, with Boro and Birmingham somewhat to a lesser degree, but Monk will undoubtedly know the pressures which come with such roles, understanding there are big expectations.

Something else which I noticed is that Monk has always been well-liked by supporters at the clubs he’s managed. Birmingham supporters were sad to see him leave the club, and I believe fans of Leeds United felt the same. Fans want to be able to relate to the manager and to have that connection, and I think this will come.

For now, Monk’s task is to undoubtedly get more out of the players already at the club. He’ll aim to get 110% out of them every time they pull on the shirt, and while this is the minimum requirement, on many occasions in the past several seasons, it’s not happened. Combining effort with the right mentality will be Monk’s way for now, as well as a few tactical tweaks.

All that’s left to say is good luck to Garry. Let’s get behind him and see what he can do.

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