Making The Best Of It

Today began with rumours of Danny and Nicky Cowley taking over at Huddersfield Town, with their move to the Terriers confirmed not so long ago. Alongside that came suggestions that Danny and Nicky were eager to take on the job at Wednesday, but after seeking assurances on recruitment, which weren’t forthcoming, opted against the switch to Hillsborough.

Since 2016 I’ve expressed concerns on recruitment at Wednesday in terms of who’s suggesting players, who has the final say, and the lack of business out. I’ve made my feelings known to the chairman on multiple occasions directly and suggested why this area is hindering progress and success. And do you know what? I’ve wasted hours of my own time and used up tonnes of negative energy on it all.

Everyone knows that the business in and out of Wednesday and how this side of the club works isn’t up to scratch, but it is what it is. Complaining and worrying about it won’t get anyone anywhere, and instead, I now choose to look at things slightly differently, although I will always say my piece when required.

I think in many ways I felt as though I could make the chairman see things differently or indeed change his mind on the transfer side, but he’s very much his own man and forthright in his thinking. Therefore, it’s about making the best of it and utilising what we have to do the best job possible, in my opinion.

We could sit and complain that we didn’t hire Danny and Nicky Cowley, or we could realise that Garry Monk is a solid choice, especially when you factor in his experience and age. As I’ve said previously, everyone will have had their ideas on who should lead the team this season, so there will always be a disappointment, regardless of the man hired.

So, what do we have? Well, in the chairman, you have a very passionate guy who will put his time and money into it. As a side point, while the chairman does put in the cash, I don’t think it’s wrong to question or even criticise his decisions when people feel necessary. I think the chairman’s passion if directed properly, can prove to be very beneficial.

Our new manager, Garry Monk, is a young man in respect of the managerial world, and somebody ambitious and determined to succeed. He’s managed big traditional clubs before and has indicated he’s ready for the challenge at Wednesday. Monk’s ties to OmniSports could prove to be beneficial for Wednesday when it comes to recruitment, as I believe they’ve assisted on deals at clubs he’s previously managed.

I’m fully aware of the allegations made towards Monk and his agent James Featherstone of OmniSports, all of which have been dismissed as nonsense by both parties.

There’s a good squad at Wednesday in my opinion. Yes, it is unbalanced, and perhaps the average age could still be lowered, but it’s competitive with a reasonable degree of ability. If Garry and his staff can get the best out of the players here, and get us in a good run of form, there’s no reason why we can’t be in the top six conversations.

Some of the lads are out of contract this summer too, and while fans will have their own opinions on who should stay and who should go, players could effectively be playing for their futures, and to impress their new manager in the process. Again, this is another way we can make the best of what we’ve got.

By making the best of it, I don’t mean it to sound like we’re making do or settling. Instead, being the best we can be with what we have at our disposal. We could waste time and energy on what could have been, or we could put our best foot forward and get on with the task at hand.

Either way, Sunday has been made even more interesting now.

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