Quidagoal Update 19/20

So, as many of you will be aware, I thought of a way to raise money for local charities a while ago and names it Quidagoal. After a successful first run, even with the odds against us after a terrible start to the season, we managed to smash our target. However, this season, we’re not doing as well in terms of funds raised.

I understand that some people will put in at the end of the season. However, I’m panicking we won’t be anywhere close to our £5K target to help support our five local charities which are the Children’s Hospital, Sheffield Mind, Weston Park, Cathedral Archer Project and Sheffield Samaritans.

I do try and tweet a couple of times a day off the Quidagoal account, but it’s hard to think of what to write sometimes. Unfortunately, the tweets haven’t generated any extra donations really, they have just helped to remind a couple of regular donators. If anyone can help me in this area, it will be appreciated.

I’m determined to help drive this project forward, so we do hit the £5K target, but I do need help if possible. I’m willing to buy items such as shirts etc. for a raffle, as last season’s raffle did well and helped us make it over the line. It would be great if we could end the Quidagoal project by hitting the £5K target, as it would mean together over two seasons, we will have raised over £10K for local charities. Proving just how fantastic the fan base is at Sheffield Wednesday.

Donations towards the campaign would be fabulous, but I understand it’s not the ideal time of year to try and drive a fundraising project forward. If you can’t donate, just retweeting, tweeting about the campaign, or sharing across other platforms will help a lot. Promotion is something we lack, unfortunately, and probably one of the reasons why Quidagoal hasn’t taken off as I thought it would.

I will try and make up the difference if we’re short of our target at the end of the season, which is why I haven’t donated as yet, and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far. It’s appreciated.

If you can donate, you can do so by clicking here.

The Quidagoal twitter is – @quidagoal


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