Short Term Solutions

We’ve heard multiple times now that handling the short term will result in Garry Monk being able to begin implementing his long-term plan at Sheffield Wednesday. The manager has said himself that it’s all about results now, as he hopes to make it to the summer, and I believe making another managerial change isn’t the answer right now. So, are there things that the club can do to help Garry Monk and the players overcome this current slump?

As so many have mentioned, I do think adding to the staff could be advantageous, especially during this current run of form. I’m not saying let’s get rid of so and so, I’m saying let’s bring a couple of people in who the manager knows and trusts, who will give us something different between now and the end of the season. James Beattie and Darryl Flahavan are a couple of coaches the manager has worked with previously, and they could prove to be worthwhile additions.

The following may seem an extreme course of action to take, but I have heard so many times over the years that there’s a lack of confidence in the squad and a lack of belief. There have regularly been rumblings of players being scared to play at Hillsborough for example, especially when things aren’t going our way. So, could a sports psychologist or someone similar be brought in to address these potential issues in the short term?

I’m fully aware that putting in a good performance or getting a result or two will help to change the outlook, but is there a way the club can help this to become a reality sooner rather than later? We do his bad runs during seasons, but when we get into them, it appears we struggle to make it out of the other side unscathed.

Bad results and performances coincide with a manager receiving criticism from fans. It’s the natural response as it is the manager who is inevitably the fall guy in these situations. And while you can’t just expect to stay in the job if results continue to slide, the club showing their support and standing with the manager may go some way to helping the situation. It will also send a message to the players as well.

We all want to see Sheffield Wednesday win games and do well, that’s a given. And, we’re all equally as frustrated and disillusioned with the current situation, in my opinion. So, no wonder things can turn negative during matches at Hillsborough. Is there something the club can do here to overhaul the matchday experience? I’m not saying this will make everything better, but are there ways we can lessen the negativity? Could we give a bit back to supporters?

I believe there are only several more occasions this season when we will play at the weekend and then in midweek, so does this give a chance to work on bringing the club, team and fans back on the same page. The division right now couldn’t be more evident, and it’s often a cause for disillusionment amongst supporters, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Can we use social media to our advantage here or be a bit smarter with it? I understand some will hammer Wednesday’s social media accounts when things aren’t going well, but they do the same when things are going okay. The club wants fans to back it by paying top whack for season tickets, matchday tickets and more. The team wants fans to support them through the bad times as well as the good. But, if the fans don’t feel part of it, how can they be asked to back either?

Finally, the club lacks direction from the top. It has done for years. Everyone is looking for the chairman to stand, to lead the club positively. However, we appear to be rudderless, and this will continue to cause problems throughout the football club. The club or the chairman must, in my opinion, show supporters this is what we want to do, and crucially, this is how we’re going to do it. It cannot go on like this.

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