More Megson Quotes. Well. Sort Of.

Gary Megson has made some quotes over the years that seem to fit with Sheffield Wednesday’s current situation. I did a piece on the subject back in November of 2018 which you can read by clicking here. And, with a lot of spare time on my hands, I found myself listening to a few other things he’s said and stumbled across a couple of quotes he brought together.

After taking temporary charge at West Brom following Tony Pulis’ sacking, Megson spoke about something Jack Charlton, the former Wednesday manager, had said while the pair were at Newcastle together.

Megson recalled Charlton saying, “If ever you go into this (management)…three years.”

“The first year you say jump. Everybody jumps.”

“Second year you say jump, they say how high do you want us to jump.”

“Third year you say jump, they say we’ve been doing that for two years.”

Megson went on to add “you become a victim of your own success, and it gets more and more difficult.”

He then went on to recall something Sir Alex Ferguson said in times gone by about the need to keep refreshing and changing the players.

In my opinion, while this may be somewhat obvious, but it does fit with Wednesday and more specifically the time under the current chairman. Carlos did a great job at the club in his first season, and the second saw us finish higher in the league. However, things started to slide in season three.

Throughout the latter two of Carlos’ seasons at Wednesday, as everyone knows, the recruitment wasn’t at the level it should have been at, and the lack of outgoings had a negative impact as well. The churn of players didn’t happen to have a positive effect, and the three-year period Jack Charlton mentioned came into play as a result.

Since then, we’ve bounced around in terms of managers. Going from Jos to Steve Bruce and now to Garry Monk. With Lee Bullen stepping in when required in the interim periods. But this summer, or whenever the transfer window may occur, we can begin the spring cleaning of the squad and learn from our mistakes.

At the time of writing, it’s likely up to seven first-team players will leave the club at the ends of their contract, and more could follow as Garry Monk looks to make the changes necessary to move the squad and the club forward. Obviously, with the current coronavirus situation, everything will be up in the air in terms of finances and what business clubs will be aiming to do.

However, potentially being able to get a bulk load of senior players off our books, with the majority heading out due to their contracts expiring, must be seen as a positive. The hard work after this will be how we go about replacing the players who leave the club, especially during a period where there will be a lot of caution involved. I’ll type up my thoughts on the next step in the coming days.

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