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The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone in some way, shape or form. For me, it’s the periods of having nothing to do which are the toughest, and while there isn’t much to write about on my usual topic of Sheffield Wednesday, I thought I’d do a few pieces on other things which interest me.

I’ve been an avid FIFA player for over two decades, and a part of what I call the FIFA community in a fashion for a good number of years as well. The community I’m referring to is on Twitch, where I go by the name of Mattyboii87. I have dabbled on the forums at times, but Twitch is where I felt a part of the FIFA community.

Back in the day, pretty much the same group of people would go from Bizor’s stream, to Hans-Kristian’s, to Inception’s and then onto Rasa’s. They were fantastic times, and one of these streamers, and now more prominently a content creator, is the reason I’m typing up my first FIFA-related piece.

There is no denying that over the years the FIFA, as a product, has progressively got worse. It’s now at a stage where many ardent FIFA fans are turning their back on the game, which is a real shame, but it is understandable. Personally, FIFA 20 was the release where I decided after a matter of weeks to stop playing the game. And, if it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic, I probably wouldn’t have gone on to play again. However, with a lot of spare time on my hands, I’m back involved.

So, this has inevitably led me to watch YouTube content and streams again, and one guy in particular still stands out for me from the FIFA community, the OG, InceptionXx. He’s been around the FIFA scene longer than me, and in my opinion, is a very skilled FIFA player. But it’s what he brings to the community, his viewers, and scene as a whole which sets him apart.

When FIFA was good, and the game was enjoyable to play, Inception would stream for long periods most days. Something which has followed him through from the early days is how he interacts with his viewers, answering questions from everyone, subscriber or not. It’s one of the reasons his streams were popular then, and while he doesn’t broadcast as often nowadays due to the state of play where the game is concerned, he still draws in good viewing figures.

I was in one of his streams the other day, and he had over one hundred viewers, but he still made time to give me not just an answer to a simple question but explained in-depth the whys and where’s. It’s a common theme from somebody who is a genuine person within the FIFA community and who is very much for the people rather than himself, which is refreshing to see.

Over the last several years, Inception has taken his YouTube content to the next level, with an increased focus on this rather than streaming, which is understandable. Since making my return to playing the game, I’ve enjoyed his player reviews, which I think are unrivalled in the FIFA scene. How he reviews the cards, going in-depth and testing out various positions, instructions and chemistry styles gives the most accurate representation of the card. And, at the end of the video, you get an honest summing up, where everything again is explained in full.

I genuinely watch the player reviews Inception uploads, even when I have no interest in using the card. I watch because I love how in-depth he goes, and it gives you a good level of base knowledge of your own to take forward so that you can make more accurate assessments of cards yourself.

As I mentioned above, I feel Inception is also someone who is for the people, for the community, rather than himself. And, I can relate to this and find his honesty, integrity and consistency to be fantastic attributes. Everyone will know he’s been vocal when it comes to criticising the game, EA Sports and more. I feel if he hadn’t been as vocal, he might be in a better position himself if that makes sense. However, in my opinion, he’s made sacrifices to stand up for what is right and to fight for the community—something which may go unnoticed.

So, to end this piece, I just want to say keep up the excellent work, man. Inception is underappreciated by many and is deserving of a lot more recognition. And, I think it will all come in time because you cannot ignore his talent as a FIFA content creator. On a side note, his podcasts were fantastic too, and the chats always proved to be interesting. I’ll leave links to Inception’s YouTube and Twitch channels below.




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