A New Season Dawns

Tomorrow, or today, depending on when you’re reading this, the new Championship season begins. And what a challenge Wednesday have on their hands. As everyone knows, we’re starting the campaign on -12, which is going to make things harder than ever for us, and it’s why this season, we all need to be on the same page more than ever before.

Of course, there are going to be disappointments along the way between now and May. We all know that. It’s going to be the case at every club in the division because it’s so competitive. But, unlike other teams, we’re starting behind the pack. And we’re going to be playing catch-up for a while. Therefore, we can’t afford to let our frustrations take over, as players, staff or fans. We mustn’t dwell on things, or be bitter; we should focus on being better.

Getting where we need to be as a club, and in terms of the squad, is going to take multiple transfer windows. And, while progress may appear to be slow at times, and we all want top players and think we should be battling for promotion, there must be an understanding of the reality of the situation we’re in. As we often see, opinions are at one end of the spectrum or the other. There is usually no in between. And this can lead to irrational amounts of negativity and too much optimism at times.

Everyone can and must play their part this season. We need the chairman to continue financing the club and the transition, the recruitment ream to bring the right players, the manager and his staff to improve the squad as a team and individuals, as well as getting tactics, substitutions and so on correct, the lads putting in a shift and winning games. And us, the fans, to lift the team and players when they need us, to back them in the face of adversity, to think before we tweet, and to remember we all want the same thing, and we must be together to make it happen.

The important thing to remember is the chairman isn’t going to get all the decisions correct. The recruitment team won’t get all our targets through the door, the manager and his staff will get team selections, tactics and substitutions wrong, the players will have off days and lose games, and we, as fans, will let our emotions spill over from time to time. The key is consistency and working towards being better as often as possible. It will take time, but we can get there.

Having a substantial points deduction to overturn, a global pandemic which is financially impacting heavily on football clubs, and a need to cut costs isn’t ideal. Still, the situation is one which we can’t change. We can see the conditions we’re working with. We know the squad isn’t where it needs to be, so in my opinion, it’s important to remind ourselves of the here and now, and not to feel disheartened or negative, but to allow us to cut through the hysteria which will arise throughout the season.

Efforts are underway to put Wednesday back on the right track. The culture and mentality within the squad are changing, and we’re recruiting smarter. Cutting costs to allow the club to run better financially is ongoing, and there’s a push to bring everyone back together, so we all feel a part of it, rather than divided, which has been the case for several seasons. The communications and media team are doing fantastic work in this area, giving fans the connection to staff and players at the club, and our content has improved dramatically. It may appear insignificant to some, but this is how you develop the right relationships, understanding and feelings between the key cogs in the system – club, players, staff and fans.

Right, I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say. It’s going to be a tough season, one full of highs and lows. But, let’s remember where we are as a club, the situation the manager and his players are dealing with, as well as the chairman attempting to navigate tricky times financially. Let’s think before we let our anger and frustrations spill over onto social media, let’s not cross the line in terms of abusing each other. Let’s be together.