Enjoying The Good Moments

It proved to be another successful day for Wednesday, when they beat Rochdale 2-0 in the Carabao Cup, in what was another well-earned victory. It’s now three wins and three clean sheets for us on the spin, and things are looking up. And, in my opinion, we should enjoy these moments.

I think it’s easy to say the performance wasn’t great against Walsall, which it wasn’t, and two of our victories have come against lower league opposition. I take all this on board and believe me; I can see the reality, but I also know that it’s crucial we enjoy the good moments and build the positivity around the place, especially on social media.

Everyone knows there are going to be games we draw and lose, and they know there will be bad performances where the team and individuals don’t turn up, for one reason or another. It’s the reality of football. But, I think by building positivity, by everyone feeling a part of it, it can help to stave off overreactions when we do experience disappointment during the season.

You will always get those people on social media who are generally negative as Wednesday fans. It’s normal. But, what we’ve seen in recent years is the negativity building and then spreading. While many will invest fully in their thoughts and beliefs, others jump on the bandwagon in many respects. And, this isn’t me digging out people who offer fair criticism or make valid points.

Now, we could effectively benefit from the process mentioned above, but in reverse. By creating feelings of optimism, confidence and positivity, people will buy into it, especially when we’re doing well on the pitch. The good vibes will spread throughout our fanbase across social media platforms with ease. So, when the more challenging times arrive, rather than retreat to the negative baseline of old, fans will hopefully begin to head to a place of realism, progress, resilience and optimism.

The players being active on social media and driving these feelings forward has been crucial, too, as it serves as a reminder of good results and performances. It makes us, the fans, feel a part of it all, even though we’re watching the matches on iFollow or listening on the radio. Garry Monk has been a massive influence on how we approach social media to develop the unity between everyone, and it’s working, as shown by all the good stuff we now see from each other on the Wednesday hashtag on Twitter, for example.

I keep repeating “Team Together” on my timeline and talking about everything being a group effort, which it is. Together we can change the culture at Wednesday and the face of the club. Garry Monk, his staff and the lads are doing their bit, and so are the communications and media team. We can follow suit by investing in the good moments, and by trusting the process and giving them a boost when things go against us.

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