The Paixao And Pulis Connection

If there was an opportunity for me to go on Mastermind, my subject of choice, as many reading this will know, would be Amadeu Paixao. He’s a man who you could suggest I became obsessed with from late 2015 onwards, but in my opinion, with Sheffield Wednesday at heart. I believe over the last five years that I have made fair and accurate calls about the Portuguese football agent and our chairman’s advisor. And, I’ll attempt to do the same again here.

Alan Biggs, who is keeping Wednesday fans up to date in terms of the club’s pursuit of Tony Pulis revealed a connection between the former Boro boss and Amadeu last night. When Wednesday were chasing a new manager after Steve Bruce’s departure, an agent close to Amadeu told me we wanted Championship experience, and there was a desire for a coach who will get the team playing attractive football. While Pulis didn’t fit with the brief, he did get a mention.

I tweeted last summer how Pulis and Amadeu know each other, and the revelation by Alan Biggs has immediately been met with negativity by supporters, something which I understand. Amadeu previously worked for a football agency owned by Jerome Anderson, called the Sport Entertainment and Media Group, alongside a man named Dave Sheron. I understand Sheron was Pulis’ representative, whether he still is I’m unsure. But this, I believe, is where the connection between Amadeu and Pulis began.

As far as I’m aware, SEM is no more, but Amadeu and Sheron remained allies, something I will come onto shortly. I’ve known about Dave Sheron and Amadeu’s friendship for several years through someone close to our chairman and indicated this in one of my previous articles. I have heard suggestions Sheron has helped Amadeu out in terms of advice and with the movement of players through a third party, but I can’t verify this as fact, and won’t claim to be able to do so.

Sheron is now a director of a company called HSH Sports Limited which is in the North East. As I have said previously, Amadeu brought Marco Matias and Lucas Joao to Sheffield Wednesday, representing the latter unofficially. Lucas, for the most part, was with Doyen Global, but Sheron’s company is the one who took up the mantle and moved him to Blackburn on loan on Wednesday’s behalf.

I’m not saying any of this to stoke concern amongst the fanbase, quite the opposite. I feel it’s important there is transparency. While I may not get all the details right, I am trying to impart a balanced opinion backed up with some facts to give everyone an understanding of the situation and so on.

Now, the mention of a connection between Pulis and Amadeu, coupled with what I have said, may create the idea something untoward is happening. Or, that there is the potential for an underhandedness on Amadeu’s part primarily, to come into play. While I understand the concerns based on previous events, the crucial factor here, in my opinion, is Tony Pulis and the man he is.

I’ve seen and heard enough about Pulis over the years to know that he is an upstanding guy who does things his way and on his terms. He knows what needs to happen to make a football club successful, and he will put the club first. Yes, he knows Amadeu, and there is a connection with him, but as a vastly experienced football man, Pulis will not allow him to pull rank over him. Not in a million years.

I’ve said before how Amadeu could be useful to Wednesday. And he was when there were people around him. The problems started when he was the sole voice to the chairman. Pulis is more than capable of using what Amadeu brings to the table effectively while keeping him in check at the same time.

Anyone who has listened to stories over the years on various podcasts will know Pulis can manage people. And he will manage Amadeu. As always, I will keep a close watch. I’m aware of Sheron, who he is, and his past. But, I’m saying, as someone who has a degree in Amadeu Paixao studies, not to panic or be cynical about the connection at this point. If there is something to worry about, believe me, I will tell you.

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