Glimmers Of Hope

There have been many glimmers of hope and positivity at Sheffield Wednesday over the years. And, let’s face it, they often turn into despair, concern and frustration further down the line. However, I’ve always been someone who keeps their eye out for green shoots, as small as they may be.

The first glimmer of hope I’ve noticed in the last day or so is thanks to a quote from new signing Andre Green. Wednesday’s latest arrival suggested that his agent had spoken to SWFC’s head of recruitment David Downes in the summer and had numerous chats with then-manager Garry Monk.

And now our interest in Cardiff City’s Josh Murphy is out there. Another glimmer of hope in terms of recruitment, in my opinion. I can’t say for sure, but I’d imagine David Downes has again been involved and possibly taking the lead in terms of us wanting him, backed by recruitment analyst Dean Hughes.

So, why do I see these as glimmers of hope or green shoots? Well, I’ve always been in the camp of wanting our recruitment drive to be steered by those working for Sheffield Wednesday. I say it in nearly every article, but these guys need support, there needs to be an investment in this area, but knowing they have been behind Green’s arrival. And then them potentially driving the Murphy interest is music to my ears.

I look at the profile of Green and Murphy and think they fit what we need in many respects. Players who are the right age, with a bit of pace and a directness about their game. They’re full of energy, have Championship experience under their belt, and a point to prove in many respects, too. Of course, we only have Green in the building so far, but it’s the direction of recruitment, how it’s happening and through who that matters to me at this point. Green’s deal is cost-effective for us, I hear. And a loan for Murphy would be similar. It’s a sign of making decisions that are right for the club.

You will never get every transfer deal right, as a deal can look good on paper but then a player could fail to settle or not live up to expectations and so on. But I think you’re more likely to get what you’re looking for by doing your research and analysis in-house, or via a reputable external company, rather than through agents who may align with others in their field to shift unwanted players around who aren’t what a club needs.

I’m eager to see what direction we travel in between now and the end of the transfer window where recruitment is concerned and whether it appears as though Downes and co are driving it. Both Downes and Hughes arrived at the club through Steve Bruce, with the former working in recruitment since 2014. I’d imagine in that time, there have been contacts amassed, and experience gained, that make him ideal to lead the charge.   

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