Podcast Review: Hard Truth – Inside The Football Industry

YouTube has been my go-to for content for a while now. I prefer it to TV and other streaming services, and I often watch podcasts. Now, I know many people will be fine with audio-exclusive pods, and I am, but I will always choose to watch a podcast if I can.

I often get asked by friends which pods I’m listening to. And, it seems to be a question many ask on Twitter. I’ve had the idea for a while to review a few podcasts that I’m a fan of, and I hope that my reviews may inspire others to check them out.

I’m kicking off my podcast reviews with Hard Truth: Inside The Football Industry Podcast, which is by Darragh MacAnthony, El Presidente of Peterborough United, and Philip Ideson, a Bradford City fan who, like Darragh, resides in the US.

I’ve been a fan of Darragh for a long time. I like how he uses social media and have regularly watched Peterborough United videos because he gives great insight and allows you to look behind the curtain. I’ve always found his interviews on Posh TV interesting. I recall a Periscope he did during a pre-season where topics such as recruitment were discussed amongst himself, Steve Evans, Barry Fry, Randy and Jason.

So, my hopes for Hard Truth were that it would be a case of more on the same, but discussing the football industry, as well as Posh and Philip’s Bradford City. I must admit, I have listened to several episodes previously, but after seeing Season Two was available on YouTube, I binged watched multiple videos, including the older ones.

The first thing I noticed from watching is how well Philip and Darragh work together in terms of delivering the podcast. Philip poses some great questions and develops talking points, allowing Darragh to come in and give great insight in typical fashion. Their friendship works really well on screen, and you can relate to Philip as a football fan, while enjoying Darragh’s forthright style, knowledge and experience(s).

I’m a football fan. For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, I support Sheffield Wednesday. Of course, I take a massive interest in what happens on the pitch and have a passion for it. But, I have always found the business side of football and what goes on behind the scenes exciting. And, at times, of greater interest, probably because things haven’t gone well at Wednesday for a while.

So you could suggest that Hard Truth is the perfect fit for me and anyone who enjoys this side of the game. You’ll hear about the business side of football, transfers, agents, and the situations that arise behind the scenes. And, to add to that, you will see what it’s like for a football club owner dealing with the highs and lows, the naysayers, and so on.

Hard Truth isn’t just Darragh, though. Philip brings a calming tone to proceedings, and I like how he talks about Bradford City because it’s something I can relate to, and the same will apply to most who are tuning in. It’s also relatable because Bradford are a big club that should be higher up the leagues, and the same applies to Wednesday.

I’ve worked my way through the most back catalogue of episodes in Season Two and love the insight you get. You do get to look behind the curtain of the football industry, and that’s what makes this podcast a fantastic watch/listen. There are also a couple of shows with guests, namely Bradford City CEO Ryan Sparks and Steve Evans.

The episode with Ryan, who I believe will be on again this series, gives insight into how things run at Bradford, his ideas and demands, and the task at hand. In addition, you get to learn about the CEO role in football, which is a position you see many fans talk about.

I think everyone has an opinion of Steve Evans, but if they haven’t watched him away from the touchline and at work, I recommend watching this episode of Hard Truth. Steve speaks really well and is open and honest about his time at Gillingham and his recent departure from the club.

They’re just a couple of great examples of the twenty-strong episodes in Season Two at the time of writing, with a show featuring Talksport’s Adrian Durham next up, who I imagine will drop knowledge from the media side of the football industry, something which again will be of interest to me and many others.

To sum up, if you want to learn more about the football industry and the business side of the game, this is undoubtedly the podcast for you. You’re sure to find a lot of what is talked about interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking. I’d imagine that most who check out Hard Truth do so via audio, as I’m really surprised the viewing figures on YouTube aren’t a lot higher because it’s a quality and informative pod.

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