Summing Up

I’ve been considering writing a Wednesday piece for a few weeks now, but I wanted to see how we faired in the run-up to the first international break of the season. Like most, if not all Wednesday fans, I felt our opening run of games offered a great opportunity for us to get points on

From Hero To Zero

Steve Bruce has gone froma potential hero to a definite zero.

We Must Learn From Our Mistakes

We look to be correcting mistakes of the past, but it’s vital we’ve learnt from them.

Staff Room

Steve Bruce has good staff with him at Sheffield Wednesday, which is vital.

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot

My thoughts on the accounts and rumours of another soft embargo.

Transfer Window Watch

The summer transfer window and the rumours that come with it at Sheffield Wednesday.

Promising Signs

There are promising signs at Sheffield Wednesday already.

Full Control

Steve Bruce needs full control over recruitment this summer.

Trust The Process

Some tough decsions will have to be made at Sheffield Wednesday.

Finding My Place (Part 1)

The first part in a series of articles detailing my journey into football and beyond