Quotation Game

Something a bit different, a bit outside of the box. Quotes from a former manager and player that may still be relevant today.

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

My take on Jos, the current situation and what needs to happen.

Quidagoal: Update 2

An update on where we’re at with Quidagoal.

A Change Of Plan

Sheffield Wednesday are moving in a new direction under Jos. Take a look at my thoughts on the change of plan.

Keeping The Faith

My take on Cameron Dawson and the goalkeeping situation at the club right now.

Why Michael Could Be A Hec Of A Signing For Wednesday

Take a look at why I think Michael Hector could prove to be a good signing for us, after a steady display against Aston Villa.

Character Building

Wednesday haven’t got off to the best of starts so far this season, with one point collected from the first two games. It was a high scoring affair on the opening day at Wigan, but, while Wednesday managed to score two, Wigan could, and probably should, have scored more than the three that managed to

Jos Let Him Get On With It

So, the start of the new campaign is a matter of days away with Wednesday travelling to Wigan on the opening day. While many people are already talking about the game, one which you would expect Wednesday to win, there are still many questioning what’s going on at the club. While people are well within

Just A Few Thoughts

I want to kick off this article by suggesting that any Sheffield Wednesday fan who is unhappy for whatever reason should contact the club. The chairman has always said that if you’re not happy with something to send him a letter or whatever. So, rather than say this or that on social media, take your

My Bright Idea

I’ve had an idea for a while, a good few months, and I’ve recently pitched it to a few mates and a few creative people. I think it could benefit us as Sheffield Wednesday fans and it would also help the club financially too. My idea is to move away from the iFollow platform and