About Me

I’m Matt, aka FootballTyper, and I’m somebody who has always had a real passion for football. While I enjoyed playing it, for some reason I always got more enjoyment watching it, studying it, writing about it, and at times, investigating the football world.

The natural step was to begin blogging and writing articles, mostly on Sheffield Wednesday, who are the team I support. They’ll make up most of the content on my site for now, but there are other football articles to take a look at too. 

My journey really began in 2015 when I started to receive “inside information” from multiple sources on the goings on at Sheffield Wednesday. I’ve also received tips on other clubs too, which have always been credible. This area of football interests me immensely and it’s something that seems to have found me, rather than me found it.

This sort of led me down the path of football scouting, known as talent identification these days. This year (2018), I completed levels 1 and 2 of the PFSA’s talent identification courses, enabling me to work as a football scout. This is something I’m looking to press on with and I’m currently looking for opportunities to gain experience.

I’m also a sufferer of anxiety too, therefore you can expect to find some articles relating to this on my site. I feel it’s incredibly important to talk about mental health issues, and if I can encourage just one other person to do so, it will be worth it.

As you can probably tell from the Quidagoal section, I’m committed to helping local charities and people in need. We live in a world where a lot of people can be pretty selfish and self centred, I want to buck that trend and make a difference to the best of my ability.