There Is Logic To Lee Getting A New Deal

There have been a couple of reports over the last several days suggesting Sheffield Wednesday and Kieran Lee could continue their relationship for another year at least. And, while some may indicate it’s time to go our separate ways, I think there is some logic to the midfielder penning a new deal. There are just

Why I Often Defend Managers At Sheffield Wednesday

In the last five years or so, it’s been quite clear that I’ve relentlessly tried to defend managers at Sheffield Wednesday. It’s led to me being called out multiple times, which is understandable. But in this piece, I will explain why I will often stand with them, even when it looks unwise and unpopular. To

Invest In Recruitment

It’s easy to be negative about Sheffield Wednesday right now. And it’s fair to feel downbeat about everything. But, while things can look bleak to some, I think this is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss where recruitment is concerned. And more specifically, how we recruit. If you get the recruitment right, you will

For The Right Reasons

Sheffield Wednesday’s recruitment drive was always going to be different this summer, regardless of the points deduction which will come into play at the start of the coming season. A need to change the culture within and a necessity to cut costs are two of the reasons why. And it’s fair to say starting on

Steps In The Right Direction

One thing I believe a lot of Wednesday supporters and football fans, in general, are good at, is pointing the finger at problems. But, there comes a time, in my opinion, when there’s a need for solutions. It couldn’t be more true of Wednesday. It’s time for the finger-pointing to stop and the action to

A Short, Sharp Shock

Over the last several seasons, it’s fair to say Sheffield Wednesday have had a few warnings concerning how the club operates and so on. Transfer embargos and EFL charges have been brought, but yesterday’s news is potentially the short, sharp shock the chairman and the football club very much needed. As readers will know, I’ve

It’s Why Podcasts Like Undr The Cosh Matter

I started listening to Undr The Cosh a while ago now, and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve probably listed to or watched each episode several times. When I began taking an interest in the content the lads were putting out, it was very much because I wanted to hear the funny stories from dressing

Smarter Investment

When I think of West Ham United, I see one of English footballs traditional clubs, who have been in the top flight for the most part. However, taking into account the last five years or so, West Ham is a club where there have been several high points, but a lot of lows. Both on

Team. Together.

There will be a lot of focus on the performance at Ashton Gate, the fact Connor Wickham bagged his second goal in as many games, and that Wednesday came away with all three points in what was their seventh league victory on the road this season. And rightly so. But it was something after the

Small Steps Forward

We’ve only played a couple of games since the restart, following a break which couldn’t have come at a better time for us. However, football did come to a halt, but Wednesday look all the better for it, and I, like many others, couldn’t be happier. I think a lot of football fans tend to