Sam Decisions Will Be Tough To Take

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that there are some decisions that happen that we as fans won’t like or agree with. It’s par for the course in football, and Wednesday announcing that Sam Hutchinson isn’t being retained really highlights this. There are some who are on board with the

Are We Guilty Of Judging What Could Be, Based On The Past?

I don’t write too much these days. But, I’m trying to be more consistent with it as it’s something that I enjoy doing, and I believe I bring something a bit different to the table compared to others who cover the goings-on at Wednesday. After typing up an article on Cam Dawson the other day,

Dawson’s Destiny Awaits

When Cameron Dawson headed south to join Exeter on loan last summer, it’s fair to say that it’s a move you could suggest suited all parties. Dawson had spent the vast majority of the 2020/21 campaign not involved, and with Darren Moore in the market for a new number one, either permanently or on loan,

There Is No Need To Panic About Amadeu

After seeing Alan Nixon’s Wednesday story on his Patreon, which you can subscribe to for a couple of a quid a month by clicking here, I knew that the line on Amadeu Paixao would cause a stir on #SWFC and beyond. So, as Amadeu was my chosen topic on Mastermind, I thought I would attempt

Puscas, Pisa and Pini

Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who read the article I typed up on Reading a few weeks ago. I always do things with the best intentions, and I will always stand up for what I believe is right, even if it upsets the wrong people. Click here if you missed it or

It Doesn’t Make For Good Reading

Now, I know that some people may be reading this may be questioning why a Sheffield Wednesday supporter is writing about the ongoing situation at Reading. And, it’s often the case that fans of one club don’t want someone who supports another club speaking negatively about their club, which is understandable. But, for me, sometimes

Are Wednesday Neglecting The Basics For Balance?

They say that football is a simple game. And I go along with that in some respects. As we all know, this season so far hasn’t gone to plan for Wednesday, and something I have been questioning for a while is whether we’re over-complicating matters? Is there too much focus on finding symmetry and balance

My Response To Ian Bennett Of The SWFC Trust On Alan Biggs’ Show

As people reading this will know, I’m someone who isn’t backwards in coming forward. I always feel that honesty is the best policy, and if you believe strongly about something, you should come out and say it. This article is based on Ian Bennett’s appearance on Alan Biggs’ show, which I will link here –

Podcast Review: Hard Truth – Inside The Football Industry

YouTube has been my go-to for content for a while now. I prefer it to TV and other streaming services, and I often watch podcasts. Now, I know many people will be fine with audio-exclusive pods, and I am, but I will always choose to watch a podcast if I can. I often get asked

Winning Matters More Than You Think

I’ve been fortunate enough over the last five or six years to take a look behind the curtain at Sheffield Wednesday, whether that has been with my eyes or ears. And believe me, I’ve had many fall-outs with multiple people at the club. Which, as most people reading this will know, includes the Chairman. I